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Let the Windward Legal paralegal staff help you with research and writing for projects that you in-house staff are not able to address in a timely fashion.  When you outsource writing projects you pay only for the time it takes to complete the project, and do not incur the financial risk for keeping the employees constantly billable.


Windward Legal’s paralegal service is an outsourced offering, but not an off-shore offering.  Out staff of trained professionals who assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services are all US-based paralegals. 


Our paralegal support services include:


Document Drafting

Our Paralegals are capable of drafting and reviewing all forms of contracts and litigation support documents for our clients. Recent client requests include the following:

-        Contract authoring.

-        Contract template customization based on client’s requests.

-        Obtain, review, organize, and analyze preliminary documentation and information supporting client's position.

-        Medical summary and timeline.

-        Prepare settlement proposals.

-        Write demand letters.

-        Prepare settlement statements.

-        Draft responsive pleadings.

-        Prepare chronologies from deposition testimony, documents, and other factual records.

-        Review, index, organize, analyze, and summarize documents produced by other parties.

-        Update discovery responses as additional information is collected.

-        Draft notice of oral deposition.

-        Review and assemble documents to be used in deposition.

-        Index and summarize deposition testimony and exhibits.

-        Draft list of documents and testimony to use in impeaching opposition witnesses and/or identifying inconsistent information.

-        Draft settlement documents.



Project scope will be initially worked out with your Team Manager who will then assign a Lead Paralegal to work with your office.  This Lead Paralegal will stay engaged with your support for as long as you need to work with them to help insure a custom fit with the unique needs of your practice.



Paralegal service fees are based on an hourly rate of $45.00. Project time estimates can be provided along with fixed fee arrangements when applicable. Add Paralegal staff to your practice, but only pay for the time they are engaged on your projects.


Get Started

Call or e-mail today to get your Paralegal support started (Contact Us information is listed above).

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