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File Scanning
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File Scanning

Do you have paper files that you need to have transferred in to a digital archive or practice management system?  Let Windward Legal off-site staff support your document conversion process. 


Independent from any practice management vendor, we provide you with the temporary staff often needed for scanning your paper files and uploading to any practice management system that you choose.


The Windward Legal file scanning staff are available to support every stage needed to paper files to indexed digital records.  Our skilled employees can swiftly convert your paper files into an identical digital format and store them in PDF files. We charge a low price per page that includes all labor, equipment, and software. 


PROCESS:  The process can be very simple, send us a copy of your paper files, we will index the contents, clean any staples, scan them to PDF storage, send you a CD of the result and return the paper charts for archiving and/or destruction.


COST – The cost for our File Scanning ranges from $0.04 to $0.12 per page.  There is no setup cost for use of the File Scanning service.  Options that affect the cost include:

-        Condition of the typical file including stapled pages, prescriptions taped to pages, sticky notes, and double sided pages.

-        Lower cost off-site scanning.

-        Indexing of the electronic copy.

-        Lower cost black and white copies only versus colored copies.

-        Mapping the electronic chart in to your practice’s database.

-        Shredding diposal versus paper archiving.


RESULT:  A permanent electronic copy of each file chart.


GET STARTED:  Call or e-mail today at Contact Us to get your File Scanning support started.


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